If you have central A/C & heat or individual window units in your home or office, most include filters. Some are disposable and others can be washed. It is very important for the maintenance of your unit to either change disposable ones or wash your filters every 3 to 4 months. This also helps you save money on your power bills.

On ALL A/C units, we suggest you also vacuum the A/C grills. Eliminating this dust keeps your air cleaner.

So you do not forget… Make a notation on the exact month (on your home or office calendar) that you plan to change or wash your filters again or send yourself a reminder on your phone or computer. While you’re on that ladder changing filters, vacuum the blades of all your ceiling fans.

Here’s a tip for cleaning dusty blinds. After vacuuming with a soft brush, slip a sock over your hand. Very lightly spray with water and go over each blind again. (Great way to recycle those old socks. I keep a bag of them handy.)

A hair blower on a cool setting works great to blow dust off any artificial plants and flowers you have in your house or office. If you can (and you have an outlet) do this outside. An alternative is to dust off with a feather duster.

When vacuuming, don’t forget your window sills, door frames and all the room corners. Spiders love to set up house there and bring their families.

A dust free home or office will help you breathe and feel better!