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Thank you for your interest in working for JDR Cleaning Service, Inc. Please use this application form to apply for a part time position with our company. We service facilities located in Asheville NC and surrounding cities. You can call Richard & Debi Drecksler at (828) 667-1700 for more info about the job requirements or to inquire about available positions.


“As an employee of JDR Cleaning Services Inc, recipient of their services through my place of employment and long time relationship with the owners, I have seen firsthand the exceptional character of the owners.

Not only does JDR exceed the expectations of their customers, they treat their employees with dignity, respect and fair pay along with complete understanding. I can attest to the high quality of care and detail taken in cleaning properties.

If there is ever an issue, concern or request from customers, JDR takes every step to resolve those requests with complete openness and honesty. Richard and his partner are two of the most respected people in my life, both personal and professional. Both of which have always maintained an open line of communication and willingness to understand and meet expectations.

I highly recommend JDR to anyone seeking janitorial services for their properties.”

Katy King