We were very fortunate to hire JDR Cleaning Services to clean our offices. They are prepared, competent, and professional. Trust is extremely important in our office and we have never had a moments doubt about them. I highly recommend this vendor to you.

Paula Lovitt

Campbell Shatley, PLLC

Richard has been providing a very high level of quality care & credible people for over ten years. I am in & out on the weekends sometimes running into those working for Richard Drecksler & have always been impressed with the quality of people who have keys to our building. Trust is extremely important when you allow people full access to your business. Also when something appears to be out of the norm Richard does not hesitate to call me to make me aware of a potential issue.

Brian Shropshire

CED Asheville

I have used these folks since opening my store in 2009. They are courteous and professional and always do an excellent job.

Connie Olson

Points of Light

I hired Richard to do a full cleaning on a rental property I own in West Asheville. It was between tenants and the ones who had moved out left a big mess. My entire experience with JDR was fantastic from the moment I called. Prompt, professional, prepared for the job, fair pricing – all in all a great vendor. 5 stars.

Cory Layton

Iron Creek Properties