I take pride in my clean house. As someone who has owned and operated a janitorial business for 28 years, it makes sense, don’t you think?

Think about it… If you were looking for a hairdresser, would you be impressed with a person whose hair was a complete mess? Or if you were in an upscale boutique, would you want to be assisted by someone who looked like they just rolled out of bed?

I believe the way you present yourself makes a huge difference. My partner and I never call on a prospective client without looking well groomed and neat. Our vehicle is always clean. We are a cleaning service and it is our intention to make a good impression.

I was told by a client that before hiring us, he called our references AND also searched for us on social media. He discovered this page and read my posts. He complimented me on my articles. I was pleased because as a professional writer, I also take pride in my writing. 😊