I enjoy recycling and discovered some handy uses for toothbrushes that are being replaced. First I pour some boiling over them to sanitize them. Then I clean all those areas that are hard to reach and/ or need something smaller than a rag or sponge.

For behind the toilets, I wrapped the toothbrush in a piece of dampened paper towel and clean all the dust that has gathered in that hard to reach area. Works like a charm.

For the stopper in the sink, I take the toothbrush and scrub all the gunk residue from soap etc…that clings to the stopper.

Around faucet handles, discoloration builds up from daily use and minerals in the water. A toothbrush is perfect for getting those stains removed.

In the shower, a toothbrush works wonders to get into those corners.

I hope these tips from our commercial cleaning service help keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

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