Companies call us every day to inquire about our commercial cleaning services in Asheville NC. They describe their needs that in many cases have not been met by other janitorial services. Rather than pass judgment, we listen carefully, taking notes of their concerns while we’re talking. We have found through the years that a positive approach works better than trying to add fuel to the fire with comments like, ” Oh, I know why you’re SO upset. No wonder you called us!”

My partner and I appreciate prospective clients who contact our company. Obviously, they found us online and after reading about our company, think we are a good fit. So at no time ( either on the phone or during a walk through ) do we interject negative comments about that “other” company. Instead we talk about the steps we will take to maintain their property to the highest standards. Most importantly, we gather as much information as we can to present them with a contract that meets their needs.

Having a positive, respectful attitude has resulted in hundreds of clients over the past 26 years and earned us an outstanding reputation in Western North Carolina.