JDR Cleaning Serice, Inc. began in 1991. Reliability is a necessary and important quality to have in the world of business. I’ve shared the story many times of how JDR Cleaning Service got their first account 26 years ago.

My husband/ business partner had an 8:30 a.m. appointment with a potential client. He showed up at 8:20. He introduced himself to the business owner who said, “You’ve got the job!”

My husband replied, “Sir, I haven’t seen the property or given you a quote!”

The business owner replied, “Young man, I called 3 companies. One never showed up and the other was 30 minutes late. You showed up 10 minutes early. You’ve got the job!”

Richard and I had great role models for work ethics. We both grew up in large families where we learned at an early age that if you want something… you work for it. As a teenager, Richard started working in the family business maintaining apartment buildings. I went to work for my Dad after school doing office duties and most importantly, watching how my Dad treated customers at his auto agency.

Our college degrees gave us a great education but it was our “hands on” experience that provided our most valuable lessons as future business owners.