Someone asked me the other day, “Do you ever walk away from a potential contract?”

Very rarely.. but the answer is yes.

After 26 years in business, my partner and I feel confident in the decisions we make for the betterment of our company. If something doesn’t feel right, we politely turn down the opportunity and move on.

An example was a manager, who after meeting us in person and reviewing our contract with a 30 day cancellation clause, said he wanted to “Try us out one time before making his decision to hire us.”

My first thought was… I doubt that would go over well with HIS employees… not knowing if they had a job after one day.

He obviously was not too concerned about the time and effort we put into hiring and training our staff to provide outstanding service and meet a company’s needs.

Our site includes testimonials and we provide many references. If a potential client wants to know what clients think of us… we make it very easy for them.

Starting out a business relationship questioning whether it will last more than a day was a red flag for us. Trust is a big factor in business.